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Living with Dwarfism

George is 13 and his sister Carys is 10 and both of them have Achondroplasia (sometimes referred to as restricted growth or dwarfism). Learn what it's like for them to be living with the condition and how it affects their day to day lives.

Nichola and Stefan talk about what its like having achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism.  They discuss the effect negative stereotyping has and the importance of sports.

Hayley talks about how achondroplasia has made her the person she is. 

A Day in the Life of Jon Novick


Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds speaks about her life philosophy.

Peter Dinklage talks about dwarfism.

Dr Will Christian, consultant in paediatric emergency medicine, explains the symptoms and possible causes of restricted growth, and describes growing up with the condition.

Warwick Davis talks about his autobiography.

Bits & Pieces

The Paralympics 2012 S6 400m freestyle final